European projects & opportunities

4FS Austria 2014

4FS Austria 2014

In 2015, 4FS have sent groups to Latvia, Austria and Barcelona. The team will now start planning for 2016. Watch this space for more information and see how you can be involved. 

Dance Exchanges

Since 2010 4FS have worked closely with youth and action and various partners creating travel opportunities and exchange projects for lots of young people across the South West and across Europe.

In 2013 4FS hosted our first Urban Dance Camp, bringing over 6 Different countries from across europe and hosting a week of hip hop dance workshops . This project made our ethos evident that dance does really bring people together and breaks down barriers. Also enabled young people from South west involved in this project to be introduced to different cultures and challenge them with confidence and team leadership skills.

We are hoping to have our second international dance camp in 2016, watch this space and see how you can get involved. This project is open up to ALL South west dancers/young people and our six partners.

4FS believe that everyone should be able to access these opportunities and have the chance to Travel. They will be working closely with partners and funders to ensure these opportunities continue.