'4FS Dancers Crowned UK Street Dance Challenge South West Champions!' 

On Sunday 9th March we took 34 Dancers to compete at The UK Street Dance Challenge South West Championships! Between them they won 30 Trophies, being awarded many 1st Places!!!

Congratulations to our teams:

Pondhu C.T- Under 10 Beginner Winners!

Vintedge 4- Under 18 Beginners, 2nd Place!


Rogue 2.0- Under 18 Advanced- Winners! 


We are so very proud of every single dancer that competed with us on Sunday, Rogue creating their set in 4 Days!!! The best part of the day was seeing their support for each other, TRUE SPORTSMANSHIP!

Its not just about the Trophies for us, its seeing those faces light up when they get their first call back and seeing our wonderful dancers grow in confidence! We also made a huge progress with our marks from our last time!


Congratulations to everyone that competed, we are feeling super inspired, ready to train and take on board feedback from the Judges!