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If you are looking for a dance organisation that is more than just a dance school then I would suggest that you give 4FS and the Walker Combo that is Alice & Jack the opportunity to enthuse and enthral your son or daughter.

My daughter started dancing with another teacher and that was great at first. Three to four months in, the feeling was that the dancing was OK but our daughter was a little bored and uninspired.

Fortunately Alice came on the scene at the dance school and our daughter has gone from strength to strength. Our daughter has self motivation but she absorbs the passion that Alice brings to the classes and the desire to be the best she can. We recently moved to 4FS purely because our daughter wanted to continue with Alice.

Jack lives and breathes dance – he is committed, passionate and gifted. He leads from the front and never asks his dancers to do anything that he would not do himself. Mature beyond his years he has a fantastic rapport and demeanour that gets the best from his dancers.

The environment is high tempo yet teamwork has a capital T. The kids are encouraged to work with and for each other.

My recommendation is that you give these guys the opportunity to show you what they can do and bring out the best in your child. I know it has in mine.   

3 Villages Youth Project has collaborated with 4FS many times over the past few years.  It is always a pleasure working with Alice and Jack!  They are very talented, creative and passionate dancers who run a very professional and successful community dance project.  The young people we take to dance days and dance workshops always leave feeling inspired by what they have learnt.  Alice and Jack have always impressed me with their ability to ensure everyone learns something at their dance workshops; they work with any young people regardless of their age or ability and welcome everyone with open arms.

I love the philosophy of 4FS and always feel privileged to work with them.  3VYP looks forward to working with 4FS again in the future.

Jen—Youth Worker

My Daughter started dancing with Alice and 4fs when she was 10, initially with dance days and workshops, which then it grew into being a member of team and The Company (competitions and performance based).

We watched her grow from a shy child into a confident, happy teenager, and in 2016 she auditioned for Wilkes Academy of Performing Arts where she gained a place on their three year course.  Alice and Jack provide something very special, their energy and passion for dance and the dedication and support for each and every child/teenager that dances with them, shines through.

I can't recommend 4FS highly enough, my daughter still comes back regularly to visit her much loved dance ‘family’

Jo Tubb


As a dedicated 'Dance Mum' of a child attending 4FS since the early days of weekly youth club dance sessions, it has been amazing to see my daughter grow in confidence and ability, inspiring her to go on to study dance at college. 4FS has offered her so many exciting opportunities from dance days and workshops to becoming a company member, with trips to Austria and the UDance platform....and there's more to come! Thank you Alice & Jack!

Ali Hughes

4FS are more than a dance company, they are a family. Offering high quality dance classes and opportunities for all the community in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

Rachel Luiten

The thing that I like about 4FS is that we always have guest teachers from London. I also like it when we perform, I enjoyed our recent performance in Truro. I like the friendly people and the dances that we learn. I like how Alice and Jack push us and sometime I don't get it, so have to practice. 

Ellie Handley, Age 9

I really enjoy social classes at 4FS because its a very relaxed social environment and I have made really good friends of all ages. We learn different dances every week  which are always great fun and to current music. Alice and Jack are always fun to be taught by and always make me and my friends feel welcome. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week.  

Faith Burke, Age 14

I love working and performing with 4FS because the company have become really good friends, we can laugh, enjoy and perform together. 

I love Hip Hop and getting to learn the different styles. Performing flashmobs at events and entering competitions is such a great experience and loads of fun. 

My best experience with 4FS was performing at U Dance, only one of two groups representing the South West for Youth Dance England. 

Bethanie Frigot, Age 19

I come to 4FS because I love to dance and spend time with my friends. There are loads of new opportunities and I learn new things every time. I have made lots of new friends and I am much better dancer than when I first started. 

(I love 4FS)

Erin Begley, Age 11