MONDAYS: -This week - House with Perri

Saturdays at 4FS Studio 4

Watch out for our Christmas Intensive!!!
4fs at the move it 2016 Expo, where 2 of our dancers were spotted by Wilkes Academy of performing arts and received a golden ticket, lots of dance styles and workshops on offer.
This years event at the Keay Theater, bringing local dance schools together, enjoy workshops with professional Choreographers and to perform onstage showcasing their talent - Watch out for "The Platform 2017!!"
Uploaded by 4 Funx Sake YouthDance on 2016-09-01.
Performed at our Summer show at the Keay
Collaboration of both team sets, performed at this years The Platform
Our week in Austria
Choreographed by Ellie Mitchell performed with Elli Tubb United we dance Penrice Show
Performed at Penrice Academy "United we Dance" show